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? do you think of hope for the environment or food, clothing, shelter? we do. weyerhaeuser, growing ideas. >> this is runaway government at its worst. who knows who they will target next. >> i'm looking forward to working with congress to investigate what happened. >> this week, the president in damage control. >> who is going to jail over the scandal? >> the white house caves to demands for the benghazi e- mails. >> the issue of these talking points throughout this process has been a sideshow. >> the justice department looks into associated press phone records. >> they have not explained why we did not get a prior notice. >> and a sexual assault in the military. >> i was raped at a graduation party. >> 100 days into president obama's second term he was asked if he still had the juice to get the rest of the agenda through congress. the president responded if you put it that way maybe i should pack up and go home. given the week he has had, perhaps you would not blame him for thinking he should go home. on monday the headline was gop demands an obama apology and seeks a probe of irs
, that a small fingernail's worth could actually cause convulsions, into the children's environment. >> well, there were ads actually promoting lead paint as the right paint for your home. >> they said that lead paint was a friend of the child and that it could be spread on any surface and it could be fun to do. and they showed these ads in which children are painting their toys, painting their cabinets, painting their walls, painting their furniture with a poison. at the same time when all these cases are appearing in the medical press about lead poisoned children, at the same time when in their own internal documents they're saying, we have these examples, we have, we're being attacked because children and babies are getting poisoned by lead on their cribs. and so you see this kind of progression of this problem from the 1930s when it once killed children and sent them into comas straight through the early 2000s and now when the cdc says there are a half million children, i mean half million children at risk, a half million children with elevated blood lead levels. this would be a national
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2